12 Days of Naughty or Nice {with Bounce This Poses}



Holiday Spirit

It was another night at home, me all comfortable in my elf slippers from Boathouse and my honeys shirt and lingerie set from Blacklace; while wrapping some last minute gifts for the holiday.

Another Nights @ Home

It was good to get a few things done, because I had big plans for later on in the night that involved some Chinese take out, vino and my favorite show Scandal. I could just picture it in my mind, the intense scene and my having to lay back on my Cheeky Pea Rue Sofa because I wouldn’t be able to “Can” I’m unable to can, like I have the inability to can because I just cannot……have you seen Scandal!? If you have you will understand that last cryptic sentence.

A Call From My Honey


So anyhow, I was wrapping gifts when I got a call from my babes, and he was sounding kinda down or maybe a bit tired. Smiling I told him to Face-Time me because I wanted to show him, his Christmas gift……the gift being me of course!


Teasing & Flirting


Seeing his handsome face spurred me on, I teased him a little with little peep show, you know you just can’t give a working man the full monty to fast, he may drop the phone or worse squirt his pants.


Being His Cheeky Elf


After some delicious teasing and flirting, I showed him what he knows is all his, and promised to be waiting for him under the Christmas tree when he got home.


The Look On His Face


I loved the look on his face and his sexy voice calling me his cheeky little elf.

*The poses used in this post are are from Bounce This Poses and will be available starting tomorrow for the “12 Days of Naughty & Nice.” A new pose will be released for the 12 days leading up to Christmas for the introductory price of 25L! Cheeky Pose comes with phone props and two poses: one for male and the other for female!


Just The Facts

  • Blacklace Leave Your Hat On Lingerie Set
  • Izzie’s Autumn Eyeshadow
  • Olive “Dress Me Up Like A Christmas Tree” Earrings (Winter Fair)
  • BoatHouse Elf Shoes
  • Bounce This Poses bPhone
  • Bounce This Poses Cheeky Pics Female (12 Days of Naughty & Nice)
  • Izzie’s Long Metallic Nails (Collabor88)
  • Magika Intended Hair
  • MONS Reindeer Necklace (With Love Hunt)
  • Blacklace Leave Your Hat On: Mistletoe Hat
  • Izzie’s Geanna Frostbite Skin (Collabor88)


  • Cheeky Pea Rue Abel Loveseat (With Love Hunt)
  • .lame Chet’s TV
  • Sway’s Christmas Sideboard
  • PILOT Magon Art Collection
  • Apple Fall Manhattan Table Lamp (With Love Hunt)
  • Incredible Edibles! Chinese Take Out
  • PRIME Christmas Fireplace
  • BALACLAVA!! Union Jack “NOEL” Decor (Group Gift)
  • Cozy Christmas Cuddle Pillow
  • Sway’s Toy Christmas Train
  • Sway’s [Spirit] Christmas Pendulum Clock (Available @ The Arcade)
  • {what next} ‘Cosy Christmas’ Shadow Box

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