Calendar Girls


Conspiracy Theory creator Ewan Mureaux asked for some help on a creative new calendar he was making for Hottie Cooterati Zodiac Capricorn round. Well you know some of us are just picture whores and will jump at the chance to get in from of the camera and show off our pixels.


Summer Kinda Love



Being a summer born person I immediately jumped at the chance to showcase my birth month of June! As for the rest of the months you will find 11 other beautiful calendar girls showcasing their month and gorgeous style! So 12 months of beauty packed in one cleverly created calendar all for you and great for gift giving too!!

2012 Second Life Calendar @ Zodiac


Calendar Girls

  • Strawberry Singh – January
  • Ayla Qinan – February
  • Ely Hynes – March
  • Oakley Foxtrot – April
  • Dolly Baroque – May
  • Dani Riaxik – June
  • Isla Gealach – July
  • Keliah Angelis – August
  • Asthenia Pinazzo – September
  • Jolene McAndrews – October
  • Bean Melnik – November
  • Tig Sapphire – December


Zodiac Capricorn has started and you can pick up a copy of this wonderful calendar here….grab one for your friend too! This calendar is the perfect touch to home decor with its nail attached to hang on walls giving that authentic homey feel.




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