A house is made of walls & beams; a home of love & dreams.


Good Morning & Happy Sunday y’all! When I do a Home & Garden post it takes me days to work out which pics to share because there is so much I want to share with you about the decor that I have used.


The Foyer



I love decorating, but funnily enough haven’t had a “proper” home in SL  for over a year; until a week ago when I decided that 2013 would be different. Now allow me to explain myself more, I have always owned some kind of virtual land in Second Life, but for the past year I have lived off a platform about 2500 meters above the land I owned and only rezzed a build to do get my decoration fix on. I know pretty sad LOL, so I decided come 2013 I would make home and vowed to login and out there so that I could at least see said home twice a day in theory.




To start with I wanted a cozy home and I saw this little cabin (yes I know everyone has seen it a million times and there is something newer and fresher out there but focus its about moi right now)……so yeah I saw this cabin at Collabor88 by Trompe Loeil and fell in love with it right away. Once I got it home and rezzed it I panicked a little at the how tiny it seemed inside. But I have trudged along grumbling a bit that I would send a note-card to the owner and “suggest” that she made an standard size for the cabin because duuuuuuuuh we all don’t come in the same size…..mmhmm yes I know sounds pretty craycray but there you have it: insight to a pixel gone mad.




Ok where was I….yes writing a letter to the owner and all that. So I set out a few things at a time over a span of a week and ended up with a home that was something that felt like me, cozy and slightly eclectic in decor. I am not the high end glossy look kinda of girl nor did I want my home to look like country bumpkin inn. Everything that I used to fill in the tiny spaces and make a tiny space a warm home has some kinda meaning to me.


Dining Setting


I was amazed at all the home decor I had accumulated, I want to have a virtual dinner party now and invite people over to “eat” prim food.


The Piano


Or maybe a wine and cheese night where everyone would listen to me play my piano or my violin! I should add a disclaimer that I am not proficient at either and a well timed CD would be playing the music while I pretended to play both.


Bathroom Sink


After the last guest had left my legendary nights of fun and frolic, I would wash away the day with my beauty regiment and replay the night in my mind.




I would crawl into bed and snuggle deep beneath my virtual sheets and rub my pixel feet to warm them before drifting off to sleep and back to reality. LOL well its a silly daydream and thank you for allowing me to share my humble home and ramblings with you!


Kitchen & Dining Area



Just The Facts
There are a lot of things not listed here, if you have any questions about where and item comes from please feel free to contact me in-world.

LAQ Decor:

  • Dining Table
  • Bed
  • BedSide Table


  • MudHoney Wooden Cone Trees
  • LISP Mesh Coco Picture Frames
  • Priya Chair


  • Elephants
  • BoatHouse Tealight Single Plain
  • BoatHouse Candle Jar
  • BoatHouse White Owl


  • Click Click Snapshot Sofa
  • Piano with sits
  • Steam Binoculars Print


  • Murrow Table
  • Harford Patio Cushion 2
  • McCoy Bedside Table
  • With Love Nail Polish Rack
  • Adult Toy Box
  • Belted Shelf

End Of Daze:

  • Wine Rack
  • Candelabras


  • Magazines
  • Arizona Newspaper Stand

Apple Fall:

  • Heart of Polaroids
  • Let’s Play Scrabble


  • Peruse Rug
  • MagHaus


  • Dozen Red Long Stemmed Roses in Vase


  • Four Level Bookshelf

The Loft:

  • Bag of Logs
  • Dish Rack
  • Bathroom Sink


  • Tablet Pro
  • Travel Luggage
  • Hat Stand
  • Virtuoso Violin
  • Music Scores
  • Wine Set
  • Chef Toaster


  • Drapes

{What Next}

  • Suitcase Drawers
  • Resolutions Wall Print


  • Teak Folding Screen


  • Hope  Never Give Up Wall Art


  • Marquette Sink
  • Marquette Gas Stove
  • Damaged Gorodetsky Nouveau Rug


  • Retro Fridge


  • Siena TV

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