What is my style?: 

My style is really not definable in that it tends to change with my mood. I like a little bit of everything from vintage to casual, sporty to goth, and even some bespoke tailoring.  Mostly I enjoy being comfortable and feeling good about what I am wearing. I love shorter hair styles and usually opt for a dark, exotic look in skins and hair.  I’m often trying something different and you’ll even find me shopping from the guys stores.  If fashion were food, I would be happily fat in it!

My review policy: 

I will never ask for a review copy packet. However if you’re interested in me reviewing something please feel free to send a packet with all pertinent information. I will do my best to blog it if it is in MY style range & my schedule allows; I would ask that you allow a few days before seeing your item posted on my blog. I LOVE finding new stores so feel free to send me your store SLurls/Marketplace url & I’ll happily check it out! A review packet from your store is not needed for me to have a look either.


In-World Name: Daniella Riaxik
Flickr: |https://www.flickr.com/photos/daniriaxik/|
Blogging Since: July 2010

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