Are you ready for F R O S T 2012?

Depraved Nation Presents F R O S T 2012

Life of the Party





Party Like A Pimp



Just The Facts

F R O S T Event Items (Opens 12*12*12)

  • The Plastiks Misfit Skirt
  • The Plastiks Jaded Sweater Alpha
  • [ S H O C K ] Skulls & Stars Nails

The Low Down

  • Epoque Lover 2.0 Hair
  • Label Motion Julia Poses
  • Pekka Weakness Piercing
  • DRIFT Pimpin Mesh Hat
  • Maxi Gossamer Ramona 77 Bangles
  • Maxi Gossamer Voodoo Rocker Necklace
  • The Secret Store Tiny Satchel

One thought on “Are you ready for F R O S T 2012?

  1. Wow! It takes a real attitude to pull off the mad hatter look. Mommy likes!

    Ok. It’s true confession time.

    I want that t-shirt for me to wear in RL.

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