Gemini & Aquarius {Zodiac Aquarius Round}


Zodiac is open for its Aquarius round!

Gemini and Aquarius is a pairing bringing together free thinkers that need a lot of space in relationships. A whirl of stimulating activities gets the ball rolling, since these two are curiosity seekers. It’s a meeting of two bright minds, and that’s where the seeds of love begin. Nothing is taboo for Aquarius, and Gemini is flexible enough to try anything once! This leads to lots of experimentation, on dates and in the bedroom. Aquarius is drawn to the unconventional, and accepts the restless and inconstant Gemini nature.


Outside In The Rain


And Gemini is charmed by the wholly original ideas spilling forth from Aquarius. Both like to go their own way a lot, so neither will take it personally. They understand the need for intellectual independence, and will have lots of separate friends. The Aquarius-Gemini relationship has long-term potential, since there’s always more to learn and talk about. As a sign known to calm the mentally unstable, Aquarius can be soothing to the Gemini nerves. Gemini may not understand when Aquarius gets stuck on one idea to the point of obsession, but will respect the mental focus.
Just The Facts

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