The Secret Gizza in Exile……..


Ok so last night I was looking for a certain look for a little project that I am working on. I decided to check out IKON for some eyes because for me its one of the things that I find attractive about an avi. Well lucky for me there were some new ones being placed out and I grabbed a gorgeous pair called “Zenith”, there are more but you have to go and check them out for yourself. There is also a pack of 6 eyes, all new colors that you can try too.


Look of the day



So after leaving IKON I check out Gizza because I saw some amazing mesh, high waisted trousers Moka was wearing. These are like my favorite pants now! I want them in my real life closet too!! There available in a few different colors for your personal taste & style.


Hello Beautiful


Kavar Cleanslate of Exile made my week with NEW HAIR release!!! OMG I was about to send out a patrol to find Kavar because I was seriously having new Exile hair withdrawals. However I digress; new hair from Exile, three to be exact each with hats. I am wearing “Against the Music” don’t I look cute?

Dani Riaxik


Just The Facts

**New Release**

  • The Secret Store Damask Sweater
  • GizzA High Waist Woolen Pants
  • Exile Against the Music Hair
  • Pixel Mode Diamond Edition Mesh Nails
  • IKON Eternal Zenith Eyes


  • LaGyo Granny’s Pearl Earrings
  • The Secret Store Lovable Pumps (Not Shown)
  • [PXL] Open Mouth Pro Teeth Hud

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