“Time Is On My Side”


Hey friends! Guess what? New items from Sway’s for The Arcade Gatcha Event starting December 1, 2012. These cute, original mesh, working “Pendulum Clocks” with swinging pendulum comes in 10 styles. There gatcha items, 5 Li and you can trade them with your family and friends! I foresee lots of ticking & tocking in stockings this holiday season.

Nothing but time


My dress is from La Penderie de Nicole and will be a gift in the upcoming “For the Love of Hunt” hosted by Chic Management. The hunt starts November 30, 2012 and you can get more information about it here. That’s all for now, until next time remember to smile lots and time is always on your side!
Dani Riaxik

La Penderie de Nicole My Gipsy Dress (@For the Love of Hunt starting November 30th, 2012)
Remy BeauTassels (@ L’Accessories Novembers Round)
*Alice Project* Tiffani Hair (@ Around The World Event)
+Half-Deer+ Fawn Antlers
..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring
DECO Mesh Sequined Heels
Izzie’s Fall/Winter 2012 Nails
Sammy Bee Chihuahua Puppy (@ Bees Thru The Season)
Essences Sagittarius Skin (@Zodiac Sagittarius Round)



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