Walls Can’t Hold Me Back


Garden of Dreams release a cool new “Showcase Set” of sky boxes. The first set is called the “Dream Scene” and is comprised of 4 skyboxes, the first one I am featuring today is called “Basalt”. Its a full mesh build, Land Impact of 17 and comes in at 25×25 so the perfect size for living, parties or whatever you can dream up.


Blue Room


You see what I did there?


Let The Music Play


Also the Four Walls Hunt is still going strong with so much to get its hard to fit all of the great finds into one post so I will share as I can. Today I have some cool Origama wall lamps from Vespertine and a really nice Pickers chair & wall framed pictures from Zinnias.




There is plenty more, if you want to join in on the hunt check out the blog here and get the low down!

These Walls Can't Hold Me In


Just The Facts
Wall #1

  • G.O.D. Showcase Basalt Skybox **New Release**
  • {vespertine} Arctic “Nanuk” the bear Wall Lamp **Four Walls Hunt**
  • {vespertine} Arctic “Konichiwa” the crane Wall Lamp
  • {vespertine} Arctic “Alpaca” the llama Wall Lamp
  • DIGS Mesh Casting Dresser
  • sMoov Glass Cactus Light Tall
  • Cleo Designs Mesh Sofa & Mesh Chair **Four Walls Hunt**

Look #2

  • G.O.D. Showcase Basalt Skybox **New Release**
  • End of Daze Conga Drums (Group Gift)
  • Zinnias Guitar Pickers Chair **Four Walls Hunt**
  • Zinnias Guitar Pickers Woodcut Framed
  • Zinnias Pickers Guitar *
  • Senzafine “Cloud Nine” Armchair **Four Walls Hunt**
  • Cleo Design Folding Table & Decorative Items **Four Walls Hunt**

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